Sports and Remedial Massage

Sports and Remedial Massage offers hands-on manipulation of muscles and the surrounding tissues, as well as advanced gentle stretching techniques and mobilisation techniques which include (Soft Tissue Release, Muscle Energy, Neuromuscular techniques and connective tissue massage). This can help:

  • improve muscle tone
  • reduce tension (both physical and mental)
  • restore muscle flexibility
  • address minor niggles before they become major injuries
  • assist in recovery from injury
  • soften scar tissue and stiffness resulting from old injuries
  • rebalance posture
  • increase circulation, leading to reduced swelling and improved immune function
  • relieve aches and pains caused by spending hours seated at a desk

All of the techniques mentioned are often required to help normalise soft tissue and skeletal function and provide relief from any associated pain. Treatment works well on its own or in combination with other therapies, such as Osteopathy.

Deep Tissue Massage

  • DTM releases and realigns deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It’s effective in treating chronic pain and determining areas of tension that might require a more precise technique. Slow movement and deep pressure are adjusted to an individual comfort range.

Soft Tissue Release

  • STR influences the autonomic nervous system and helps to re-programme the muscles so that they can regain strength and normal function following an injury. It’s used to release restrictions, reduce scar tissue and rapidly alleviate pain

Muscle Energy Technique

  • METs utilize breathing and muscle contractions to lengthen and regenerate muscles. Post-Isometric Relaxation stretches tight but otherwise healthy muscles whilst Reciprocal Inhibition mobilises injured joints without interfering with the healing process.

Neuro Muscular Technique

  • If trauma occurs, nerves speed up the transmission of impulses related to movement, making the body vulnerable to pain and injury. NMT is used to treat trigger points, nerve entrapments, postural distortions, tension headaches and stress related muscle pain

Whether you are an elite athlete, enjoy an active lifestyle, or have a sedentary desk job, massage therapy can benefit you.

Relaxation  Massage

Relieve stress by soothing away physical and emotional tension, leaving a lasting relaxed and revitalised feeling. Additional benefits include: improved circulation, elimination of toxins and better sleep patterns.