What is soft tissue therapy?

Soft tissue therapy includes sport and remedial massage, assisted stretching techniques and hands-on manipulation of muscles and fascia. It is a therapeutic form of treatment that focuses on improving muscle function and encouraging correct posture.

Does soft tissue therapy hurt?

As with any massage, soft tissue therapy can be quite soothing and relaxing. However, where there is tension in a muscle, it can feel sore when pressed on, which at worst should feel like an intense muscle stretch. We seek out and focus on these areas of tension so that we can release them, and the soreness reduces quite quickly once we start working on them. We work within your pain tolerance level, and because everyone is different, we check this with you regularly and adjust the techniques we use in order to ensure that you are comfortable. You shouldn’t be in any pain at the end of a treatment – you should feel relaxed and flexible.

Am I going to feel sore the day after?

After a deep treatment, you may feel as though your muscles have had a workout. They could feel a bit stiff for up to 48 hours. This depth of treatment would not be applied immediately before a competition, so please let us know if you have any important fixtures coming up.

I’m not sporty. Can soft tissue therapy help me?

Yes. Soft tissue therapy is for anyone with stiff and sore muscles. We often treat clients who are sore from sitting at a desk all day, who have slept awkwardly, or who have stiff muscles as a result of an accident.

I’m an athlete but I’m not injured. Can soft tissue therapy help me?

Yes. Maintenance treatment can address muscle tension and niggles before they cause injuries, as well as improving circulation and muscle flexibility.

How many sessions will I need?

That is absolutely up to you. See how you feel after a treatment and then decide whether you would benefit from further treatment. Some people enjoy regular maintenance treatments, while others prefer a more intensive treatment only when they are injured.

Should I eat before the treatment?

It is advisable for clients to have eaten something (though not a heavy meal) before a treatment, otherwise there is a possibility of fainting.

Will I have to take my clothes off?

Some techniques, particularly massage, require direct access to the area being worked on. The rest of you will be covered with large towels at all times. Other techniques can be performed through clothing or through a towel.

What should I wear?

Please bring a pair of shorts to change into, as this enables access to your legs and lower back while ensuring that you are well-covered. Female clients may prefer to wear a bra with a back closure, rather than a sport bra, as this can be easily unfastened and refastened while lying on their front.

Are you insured?

All our therapists are fully insured.

Do I need to inform you of any medical conditions?

We take your health and wellbeing very seriously. All our therapists will bring a consent form with them and ask each participant to read and sign it before their session begins. This takes less than 30 seconds to complete. If you have any medical condition or contraindication to massage you will be able to discuss it with your therapist prior to treatment. In some cases, you may be asked to provide a doctor’s referral before receiving a treatment.

What type of room and how much space is needed?

For workplace bookings we would recommend providing a separate room or semi-private area for treatments to take place. The area needs to be a minimum of 2mtr square that doesn’t block any corridors/exits. A carpeted floor is preferable so that the massage chair doesn’t slip and we recommend covering glass doors etc to ensure a relaxing atmosphere for the massage.

How are the individual appointments scheduled?

For workplace bookings or bookings where it’s appropriate to run a schedule, we’ll provide a blank template for you to fill in with the time slots and breaks set out

How long should a treatment be?

Seated treatments will be for 20 minutes and Couch treatments between 40 & 60 minutes.

Can individuals pay?

We can accept cash or credit credit payments from individuals.  Or we normally take payment of an invoice as a whole amount by BACS from the Company.

What is the cancellation period?

Cancellations made within 48 working hours’ notice will be accepted at no charge, unless you can find a replacement.