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David Mcloughlin had worked in the Corporate environment for many years, and has also been devoted to many different dance styles from his early teens, winning several National Modern Jive Dance Competitions. He has won prizes in different dance categories and has been teaching dance classes in the United Kingdom. David understood the benefits of office massage when he worked behind a desk. He wants to help people suffering from musculoskeletal disorders and alleviate the everyday stresses and improving work production or performance. David found that having a soft tissue massage every so often was very valuable for his wellbeing and it made such a difference on dance performances.

David graduated from Oxford School of Sports Massage with Level 5 BTEC Professional Diploma in Clinical, Sport & Remedial Massage and is a member of the SMA (The Association For Soft Tissue Therapists) and he is also qualified in Office Chair Massage, and a certified Gym Instructor.

“As a member of the SMA I am required to have high educational standards, professional liability insurance and ensure that I complete at least 30 hours of Continuous Professional Development on an annual basis. I am also obliged to sign a code of conduct regarding my professional behaviour. The SMA are committed to pursuing regulation for the industry to ensure standards are maintained and for the protection of the public’.